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According to my past gambling experience, I wouldn't categorize myself as "addicted gambler". Why do I say that? It is because I thought I had not really addicted to gambling just like others do, such as betting with high-stakes, having debts or even getting family in trouble. However, I am still a loser. Although I could afford the money which I lost on the gambling table by my own savings, I perceived that I would regret if I continued to gamble, I would lose utterly one day and affect my family. As I know, many gamblers lost everything, what they lost are not solely money.


Few years ago, I started to addict to gambling. For a long period, I didn't go to work but go gambling. Despite the stakes were not high, I lost more than I won. I realized that gambling is bad in my heart, yet it stuck on me like a drug, I couldn't help myself.


Persuading by my family and advising by my friends, I knew I couldn't win in gambling in long run and I would lose utterly one day. At last, I made up my mind and looked for help in a family service center near my home, and then the social worker transferred me to Caritas A G Counselling Centre. After some face-to-face counselling sessions regularly in half year, I can moderate my gambling behaviour.


Since I received the service, my habit has changed. Although my wife likes dancing very much, in the past, I would rather go gambling than to develop the interest. Last year, I had a chance to join a dancing party, I began to love this activity. Now I have three dancing lessons and one singing lesson a week. I have become a fan of dancing and singing.


My wife feels very happy about my sudden change, this change not only improves my family financial situation but also my mind - I won't be affected by gambling again. My mother is glad to know that I join healthy leisure activities and encourages me very much; my colleagues and my friends also feel happy about that. I am not totally getting rid of gambling but the time and money which I spend on it is reduced to 90%.


I want to say, "every habitual craving can be quitted", if you can rearrange your life and develop some hobbies which you are interested in, and then you can forget about gambling.


I want to tell those gamblers, "You can never win in gambling, there are lots of gamblers who lost their everything. Repent and be saved! Discover some healthy activities like I do, such as dancing, singing, swimming and playing ball games etc., try for some time and you will have good result."


"A prodigal son who returns is more precious than gold", everyone makes mistakes in his/her life. By the help of your family, friends and social workers, everything has a favourable turn. Don't have the mind of reaping without sowing again as fortune never comes to gamblers!

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