Gamblers Go Back

Translated by Patrick Tse


Ms Wan,


How do you do?  Thanks for your single-hearted counseling in my gambling these months. My gambling debt can be got out of according to schedule. Since I meet you, I am determined and confident to abstain from gambling. At the same time, I have closer and better relationship with my wife and two daughters in the family. There is no need for me to disguise myself in front of them anymore. This makes me become more comfortable and sanguine. Thanks again. I think the attitude of the social worker is very important because once the gambler finds that she really wants to help him abstaining from gambling and leads him the way to get out of debt, he would have the hope to quit gambling. [It should be better if the social worker can accompany the gambler to get loan for getting out of debt. This is also my first thought or the thoughts of most gamblers who are going to be counseled. I understand this is rather difficult. If the gamblers do not have the way to get out of debt, they would have the final bet again. I am here just to share my past experience.]


Finally, I am grateful to your assistance and make me to turn over a new leaf.


Best wishes to your good health and happy life!


                                                  Lau XX   26-9-2012



To Ms Wan of CAGCC,


We have decided to contact your Counseling Centre in May, 2012. I find my husband who lacked confidence and determination from abyss before according to his record has returned to his best, frank and happy situation after the sincere and dedicated planning especially my family by Ms Wan step by step. 


I am very grateful to you!


                                               Mrs Lau  September 2012

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