Gamblers Go Back

Translated by Patrick Tse



When you gamble in the beginning, you are very happy when you win.

You think that if the stakes are larger, you will win much money.........

Lose a little

When you lose a little bit and you think since you have won once, you may win again.........

Lose a large amount

When you lose what you have and you tell yourself that you borrow some from others and will pay back after winning and still get some......... 

Totally lose

You lose your money and mutual trust and you still believe that you will win one day.........

Find somebody to help paying debts

Borrow money to pay part of the debts to relieve some pressures. Then you tell yourself that there is no problem to have minor gambling. Gambling is your hobby and you cannot stop it.........

People around help you to the utmost edge and you are treated to the bottom

Friends and family members spare no effort to help you but you feel that you are despised utterly and you are helplessly and inevitably flattering them. You believe that once you win again, you may get back your dignity and begin a new life again.

Lose everything and you live in a world of no trust to you anymore

It is a deep belief that gambling wins nothing!

I finally awaken and whether you have the belief,  "I have self-control and will not be as worse as yours!" I can definitely say that you will read this essay once more because you need somebody to help you to abstain gambling again!

Turn over a new leaf for the people you love and be loved as soon as possible!!!

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