Gamblers Go Back

Translated by Patrick Tse


I went to the Centre because I believed that I was an addicted gambler after telephone the Centre. After the first interview, I subjectively thought they could not help me. Then I tried to be absent all the time and carried on my gambling life so as to find excitement in gambling, to borrow money from friends, to cheat the family members to get money, to embezzle money in the company. Of course, the misbehavior was revealed and I dared not face the reality and wanted to end up my life as well. When I determined to commit suicide, my mind flashed a picture about my family members who held my corpse and cried utterly. This flashing picture made me to think it over and went the Centre for help again.


There were many reasons for me to be an addicted gambler. The most important factor was the acquaintance with some colleagues in my working environment after my secondary education. The job was recommended by my relatives. The colleagues liked gambling very much and they taught me playing mahjong and went to Macau casinos for gambling. By and by, gambling became part of my life. This was the way that I could not return. I put all my time, money, health and hope into gambling. I believed that gambling could lead me to have wealthy life, to get back my dignity, to re-affirm my self-esteem, self-value orientation and furthermore I could control myself. On the contrary, I was totally controlled by gambling. In order to get satisfaction, I became lunatic and induced a large amount of gambling debts, to be separated by my friends and relatives, to the end I nearly lost my life too. Fortunately, I came across a good counselor in the Centre. Upon his endurance and careful guidance, I could get rid the constraint of gambling and could recall my experience of gambling hardships in the web ( ). By doing so, I do hope those addicted gamblers may step out the situation, reflect and ask for help. Their friends or family members may help them by all means positively. To help the gamblers under three golden principles: don't leave them, don't give them up and don't lend money to them. May this assistance and chance lead them to turn over a new leaf!

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